MagiKats is a family business

Jan Lomas is a teacher with over 25 years' experience. She completed an MA in Education and was a Maths, Economics and Business Studies teacher for many years. She was a franchisee for another education provider, and her experiences then have meant that the experiences of franchisees of MagiKats are one of her main concerns. Jan has been responsible both for the content of the MagiKats programme and the structure of the MagiKats workshops. Her flagship centre in Farnham, UK is still running under her direct control and she is also the Curriculum Director for MagiKats.

Rick Lomas is a software consultant and his role in MagiKats has been to develop the MagiKats computer system. He has also gained first-hand experience by running his own MagiKats workshops, but now concentrates on the technical side of the MagiKats system.

Sarah Marsh is one of Jan and Rick's daughters. Having completed her degree, she became the youngest ever franchisee for a major education provider. After a number of years, she moved to another education-based franchise, before joining her parents in the development of the MagiKats system. Her current role as Director of Operations also includes supporting the licensees and franchisees across the globe.

Emma Lomas is the second of Jan and Rick's daughters. Having also been a franchisee for a major education provider, she now helps with curriculum development and runs flagship workshops throughout Surrey, UK. She also fulfils the role of Workshop Consultant.

Other staff members provide a range of support services. 

Our History

Development of the MagiKats forerunner, Mathamagic, started in early 2004. It was originally intended to be used personally and locally in the UK, to give children help at the times when they especially need support - such as directly before end of year school exams, or entrance tests for selective schools. 

It quickly became apparent that there was a need for a programme that directly supported children in the challenges posed by the UK's National Curriculum every day at school, not just at test time. Every child has different needs and so development moved towards devising a programme that would be capable of as much variation as the students that it sought to support. Today, the MagiKats programme is a comprehensive system, providing materials to help students aged up to 16 to master English and Maths.

MagiKats opened in Australia in 2006, developing a small but successful network of Tuition Centres, some of which are still operating today. More recently, however, the opportunity to use their materials has been opened up to more independent tutors and tutoring companies, ensuring that more kids than ever can benefit from receiving support from the MagiKats programme.

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